TradeSave - Electronic Trading

The More You Trade, The More You Save

BTIG's Electronic Trading platform, TradeSave™, offers clients an unbiased approach to accessing the equity markets. The transparency of the model affords clients high liquidity capture rates, while allowing customized strategies to optimize market exposure, impact, commission rate and credit accrual.

TradeSave™ leverages the inefficiencies of increased fragmentation in the equity markets to provide BTIG clients with superior market access. These inefficiencies are realized through our execution model that exposes the true cost of execution in real-time. This real-time feedback gives our clients the ability to make actionable decisions instantaneously as well as to customize a solution and automate the process.

Benefits of Real-Time Transparency

TradeSave™ offers clients complete transparency into order placement, venue performance and cost. Through our unbiased approach to low-touch market access, BTIG's clients have the ability to obtain best execution according to their specific definition of the term.

Breadth of Venue

Custom routing access provided to all Exchange/ECN venues, 20+ Dark Pools/ATS'/MTFs and multiple white-label algorithmic suites.

OMS/EMS Compatible

The TradeSave™ platform is fully integrated with leading buy-side OMS and EMS systems allowing clients to integrate the solution without changing their workflow. Custom strategies are configured on the back-end so new strategies will not need a recertification process saving critical time to delivery on custom solutions.

Commission Management and TradeSave™ Optimally Directed Commissions

Through TradeSave™ strategies and our pricing methodology, BTIG clients can discover a new way of capturing credits to meet their obligations, while maintaining their best-execution obligations.

Global Access

While our solutions are most efficient in the developed markets, many other markets are available electronically through a single connection as well as Equity Options DMA.