Futures and Commodities

Committed to Providing the Best Execution.

Introduced in November 2010, BTIG's Futures and Commodities desk operates an agency model specializing in commodity futures, options and swaps. Our team of sales traders, averaging 15 years of experience, is committed to providing best execution with the utmost discretion and minimal market footprint. With collective backgrounds in Energy, Base and Precious Metals, Agriculture and Financial Products, our clients rely on our cross-asset skill and awareness for timely, unbiased trade ideas.

BTIG's Futures and Commodities desk has access to a large and diversified distribution network and serves over 3,000 institutional accounts globally. Our unique client base consisting of commercials, asset managers, and hedge funds allows us to effectively match natural counterparties in the Over-the-Counter market. Our high-touch OTC capabilities are complemented by our electronic trading access to over 35 Global Exchanges, which utilizes our trading Algorithms for precise and measurable execution.

BTIG's robust technology solutions support FIX 4.1 through FIX 4.4, meeting the demanding STP requirements of our clients throughout the life cycle of the trade. Our professional team's white glove commitment to our clients' needs ensures the precision risk management of their execution requirements, valuable market insight, and the pre/post delivery of trades in a secure environment.