Outsource Trading

Outsource Trading That Feels Like It's In-House.

BTIG's Outsource Trading desk replicates the functions and utility of an in-house global trading desk. Leveraging our infrastructure and expertise, our traders help investment managers execute trades and monitor their portfolio, without the challenges associated with building and maintaining an in-house trading desk. At BTIG, we focus solely on trade execution so investment managers can do what they do best–identify new opportunities and manage current investments.

Our Outsource Traders average 15 years of experience. Through our collective experience, we are recognized for our ability to source natural liquidity and enter or exit the most sensitive positions with minimal market impact. We have access to a large global network of established buy and sell-side relationships, enabling us to discreetly execute large volume trades. Our commitment to discretion at every turn, means that we maintain client confidentiality and anonymity at all times.

At BTIG, we take the time to get to know each client. We understand their objectives and personality before hand-selecting a team of dedicated traders best suited to meet their needs. Our clients benefit from extensive and robust market intelligence through BTIG's in-house Research and Strategy Group that provides an extensive array of reports and commentary. In addition to our proprietary resources, BTIG's buy-side desk leverages a global broker network of more than 300 sell-side firms as well.

BTIG's Outsource Trading team is staffed in six strategic cities including San Francisco, New York, Dallas, London, Hong Kong and Sydney. We offer a comprehensive and established solution for global trading, and our broker network allows clients to pay brokers worldwide. Our expert traders work directly with client portfolio managers and operating officers to seamlessly manage broker commissions.

Our Outsource Trading services are customizable and fully scalable, specific to the needs of each client. We can act as a client’s sole trading arm, supplement an in-house trading desk, handle overflow on heavy trading days or provide coverage when in-house traders are not available. With trades executed on an agency-focused basis, our interests are always aligned with those of our clients.

Clients also benefit from advanced technology including an online trade and commission tracking portal, and our efficient order management system, the BTIG OMS, allows clients to connect directly to their trader's desk, communicating and entering or cancelling trades in real time. BTIG also has a close working relationship with many Independent third-party OMS providers who we seamlessly connect through based on client requirements. BTIG also offers clients additional value-added services including solutions through our Prime Brokerage, Equity Derivatives, Global Portfolio and ETF Trading, Futures and Commodities, Foreign Exchange, Capital Introduction and Commission Management Groups.