Covid-19 Response
Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, BTIG prioritized protecting the health and safety of our colleagues while providing uninterrupted service to clients. More than 90% of the firm worked remotely for over a year. The resilience, perseverance, and commitment to excellence of our employees ensured that all business functions continued to operate seamlessly. A key to our success was BTIG’s technology. By building upon existing systems and adeptly ramping up skills across the firm, BTIG employees were given the resources they needed to continue to deliver outstanding solutions to clients. Post pandemic BTIG continues to offer most employees hybrid schedules, recognizing the positive impacts on employee wellbeing and work-life balance.

Giving Back to Front Line Workers and Other COVID-19 Responders
In April 2020, BTIG implemented a program to provide free trading services for organizations linked to first responders and other COVID-19 response personnel, pension funds, endowments, and charitable foundations. Members and beneficiaries of these entities included first responders, medical professionals and other essential community programs, workers and their families. Through this program and others BTIG donated over $3 million to people and programs in need throughout the pandemic.

COVID-19 Related Research
Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for companies and investors. To view BTIG Research Insights related to COVID-19, or to access our most recent coverage, login to the BTIG Research Portal HERE.