BTIG’s Interest Rate Trading team offers market expertise across a diverse range of products, including U.S. Treasuries, European debt, fixed income futures, listed option contracts in dollar and non-dollar markets, Eurodollar bonds, packs, sovereign debt and cross currency strategies. Maintaining an optimal combination of anonymity and liquidity with no pricing bias, our team employs its vast resources to help clients execute hedging strategies, manage reinvestment risk and streamline cost savings.

Proven Industry Leaders, Providing a Critical Edge, Delivering Stronger Outcomes.

Averaging over 20 years of experience working with hedge funds, asset managers and bulge bracket market makers, BTIG has a diverse range of relationships to leverage for market views and trade execution. Dedicated to tailoring solutions to individual clients, we access liquidity from both dealer and non-dealer sources to seek the best execution opportunities.

  • Sales and Trading Professionals Each with Over 20 Years of Experience
  • Micro and Macro Trade Ideas Across Interest Rate Products
  • Structuring Complex Options Strategies Tailored to Individual Clients

Interest Rates Trading LEADERSHIP

Managing Director, Interest Rates Trading