We always strive to outperform, add value and create opportunities that exceed expectations.

At BTIG, we attract the best and brightest people in the business and for good reason. Our high-performing, results-driven environment encourages professionals to achieve their full potential, while working cooperatively to help clients reach theirs.

More than 4,000 institutional and corporate clients are serviced by team members strategically staffed and located in 22 global locations including:  New York, San Francisco, Boston, Burlingame, Chicago, Dallas, Garden City, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Purchase, Red Bank, Washington D.C and affiliate offices in London, Edinburgh, Oslo, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and Tokyo.

Entrepreneurial employees thrive within our culture, where ingenuity is rewarded and innovations are quickly adopted. We recruit people based on their proven expertise and passion for maximizing firm and client performance. At BTIG, your insights will matter and your input will count. Working within a fiercely competitive marketplace, we pride ourselves on fostering a culture of collaboration, where all employees contribute to the firm’s success.

If you are interested in employment opportunities, please connect with us on LinkedIn.

For general career inquiries, please contact us at [email protected].


Employees participate in BTIG Balance, our wellness program, focused on giving back to those in need and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Opportunities are available across a wide array of community service projects, and employees have access to a variety of fitness programs throughout the year.

Visit @BTIGBalance on Instagram to see our most recent events.