A Personal Approach To Your Business

As a trusted partner, BTIG works alongside you operating as an extension of your business. Through constant client communication, we get to know you, anticipate your needs and deliver solutions. Across trading, research and capital markets, we pool our firm-wide resources to share ideas and generate quantifiable results. Utmost precision, discretion, honesty and accessibility set us apart and help us produce effective outcomes.

Fluent in developed, emerging and frontier markets around the globe, our sector-focused traders continuously leverage their vast industry relationships to maximize your performance. Our expert team’s command of markets helps us quickly and accurately execute trades worldwide. With every trade, every transaction and every opportunity, we evaluate the impact on clients and the value it serves you.


Top 10

Global Brokerage by Equity Volume¹


Billion Shares of Global Equity Volume Executed in 2023


Block Trades Executed Per Day on Average


Markets Accessed Worldwide


Equity-Focused Sales and Trading Professionals


Market Coverage


Strength In The Numbers

Over 4,000 institutional and corporate clients interact with BTIG’s global trading desks. Via these relationships, we take advantage of a deep pool of aggregated order flow. BTIG consistently ranks as a top 10 brokerage for our trading capabilities, from a universe of our peers, for execution quality by order size, market cap and percentage of daily volume.2 In addition, a variety of third-party consultancies recognize us as a top global brokerage for the equity volume we execute worldwide.1

Driven by an uncompromising commitment to clients, we operate through an agency-focused model. Without a proprietary trading desk or ownership in an alternative trading system, we identify the best possible exchange, MTF, ECN and/or other third-party ATS to route your executions.

Research and Strategy

Our research analysts and strategists produce differentiated equity research on companies under coverage and technical and market analysis, identifying important themes and outliers. Drawing insight from our thought leaders, clients are well positioned to make better trading decisions.

Corporate Access

Built on powerful relationships with influential industry leaders, our Corporate Access team brings together institutional clients with established and emerging brands. Our events provide a platform that connects management teams with investors, and offers opportunities for C-level executives to share their corporate stories. 


1BTIG, LLC and independent consultant survey, 2023.

Pensions & Investments Trade Watch, March 2022.



BTIG, LLC is broker-dealer registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and a member of FINRA and SIPC. BTIG Australia Limited, exchange participant of ASX, licensed and regulated by the ASIC, BTIG Hong Kong Limited, exchange participant of SEHK, license and regulated by the SFC, BTIG Singapore Pre Ltd, registered and licensed with MAS, and BTIG Limited, a member of the LSE, authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 484589), are separate, but affiliated entities of BTIG, LLC. BTIG Ltd svensk Filial is registered by the SFSA. Unless governing law permits otherwise, you must contact a BTIG entity in your home jurisdiction if you want to use BTIG services in effecting a transaction. 
  • Deploys Sophisticated Trading Strategies Worldwide
  • Connects You to a Meaningful Network of Relationships
  • Delivers Targeted Equity Research and Differentiated Market Intelligence

Equity Sales & Trading LEADERSHIP

Managing Director, Global Co-Head of Securities
Managing Director, Global Co-Head of Securities
Managing Director, Co-Head of Americas Equity Trading
Managing Director, Head of Corporate and Venture Services
Managing Director, Co-Head of Americas Equity Trading
Managing Director, Head of Franchise Sales
Managing Director, Head of Equity Trading EMEA
Co-Head of BTIG Asia-Pacific, and Chief Executive Officer, BTIG Australia Limited
Co-Head of BTIG Asia-Pacific, and Chief Executive Officer, BTIG Singapore Pte. Ltd., and Head of BTIG Asia-Pacific Client Relationship Management
Chief Executive Officer, BTIG Limited
Managing Director, Head of Sales Trading EMEA