Utilizing a systematic approach to portfolio implementation, BTIG’s Global Portfolio and ETF Trading team is focused on achieving the best performance for clients. Our experienced team is led by market-proven professionals that service clients at the highest level. Acting as personal execution consultants, they estimate impact cost and market risks to determine optimal strategies for rebalances, cash flow trades and index events. Multi-asset class execution capabilities include solutions for equities, equity derivatives, ETFs, fixed income and commodities. Our trading desk protocol is designed to eliminate information leakage while protecting order confidentiality and maintaining anonymity. From pre-trade analytics, order execution, settlement and post-trade reporting, BTIG provides premier personalized service and industry-leading technology. Designed by our team of financial engineers, our proprietary smart order router, trading alert technology, and portfolio optimizing and custom algorithms deliver quantifiable results. At BTIG, we connect you with the right professionals, data and tools to make smarter execution decisions.

Pre-Trade Reporting

  • Quantitative analysis determines how best to execute trades
  • Forecasts and measures trade characteristics against risk, volume, country, sector, capitalization, constraints and other special considerations


  • Order routing offers our traders full control of venues selected and those preferred by clients
  • Algorithms prioritize exchanges and ATSs based upon the most productive liquidity and price improvement for clients
  • Sophisticated anti-gaming technology is built into the platform to eliminate risk from outside parties

Post-Trade Monitoring

  • Offers complete transparency into routing destinations
  • Clients receive the specific breakdown across ATS(s), exchange(s), algorithm(s) and other crossing environment(s)
  • Performance is analyzed against designated benchmarks
  • Data is captured over single or multiple days with reports showcasing trends, costs and asset value changes


ETF Trading Desk

BTIG’s ETF Trading desk provides best execution services across a wide array of asset classes including global equities, fixed income, and commodity ETFs. Our high-touch traders and proprietary algorithms opportunistically access ETF liquidity in the primary and secondary market through ETF creation/redemption. Consistently providing effective price discovery in thin ETFs, and seamless execution in more liquid names, BTIG analyzes the liquidity concerns of the underlying assets. Through a quantitative strategies team that understand the goals of clients, we develop state-of-the-art ETF technologies including custom algorithms and a real-time ETF pricing engine. Our experienced ETF sales and trading professionals employ a suite of high-performance ETF trading tools that adjusts in response to the market and to clients’ evolving needs.


  • Optimal Execution Solutions for Portfolio Rebalances, Cash Flow Trades and Index Events
  • Advanced, Proprietary Algorithms to Access Liquidity Across Lit and Dark Venues
  • Pre-Trade Analysis, Order Execution, Settlement Services and Post-Trade Reporting for World-Class Monitoring at Every Stage of the Investment Lifecycle

Designed to Excel at Every Opportunity, our Cutting-Edge Technology and Transactional Skills Deliver High-Impact Results.

Portfolio & ETF Trading LEADERSHIP

Senior Managing Director, Global Co-Head of Securities