BTIG’s Equity Derivatives Group partners with clients to help enhance their performance while controlling risk. Working collaboratively with institutional clients, the team offers pre-trade analysis, structuring and execution of trades, and in-depth post-trade management and reporting.

Expert Trading and Operational Prowess that Helps Clients Quickly Execute Trades and Improve Outcomes.

Pre-Trade Analysis

BTIG offers results-oriented client solutions for hedging needs, directional exposure and volatility trading. Pairing our professionals’ knowledge of markets, underlying securities, price targets, time horizons, volatility and hedging parameters with analytics, we search for advantageous risk adjusted return profiles. Our individually-tailored solutions include:

  • Directional Strategies
  • Volatility Strategies
  • Event-Driven Strategies
  • Overlay Equity Hedging Strategies
  • Overlay Portfolio/Sector Hedging Strategies
  • Enhancement/Leverage Strategies

Trade Execution

With deep relationships and connectivity to electronic platforms, floor exchanges, and a community of market makers and volatility funds, our professionals aggregate significant liquidity opportunities with utmost discretion.

Post-Trade Management

If requested, BTIG provides comprehensive post-trade reporting and management. Post trade, our team utilizes technology to continue performance tracking. In the aftermarket, we provide recommendations on how to best optimize trades in the future, creating a return profile that matches your specific near and/or long-term objectives.

¹Volume as of 1st Quarter 2024. Source: BTIG

  • 200K+ Equity Derivatives Contracts Traded Daily on Average in the U.S.¹
  • 15+ Equity Derivatives Sales and Trading Professionals
  • Accessing all U.S.-Listed Options Exchanges

Equity Derivatives Trading LEADERSHIP

Managing Director, Co-Head of Equity Derivatives Trading
Managing Director, Co-Head of Equity Derivatives Trading
Managing Director, Co-Head of Equity Derivatives Trading