BTIG provides clients with state-of-the-art electronic trading that offers an unbiased approach to low-touch execution. Our agency-only platform delivers access to liquidity, transparency and flexibility for clients located around the globe. At BTIG, we combine advanced technology with high-touch service to deliver highly-effective electronic trading solutions.

BTIG Electronic Trading provides proprietary liquidity-seeking strategies, benchmark algorithms, alpha capture strategies, smart order routing, as well as direct market access to all major North American exchanges and ATSs. BTIG also specializes in custom strategies tailored to client specifications. Our real-time execution and pricing data reveal the true cost of execution, while our post-trade analytics provide clients with reports that monitor performance, trends and outliers. Quantitative and qualitative data points equip clients with the tools and visibility needed to make smarter trading decisions. BTIG Electronic Trading’s flexible pricing model includes fixed pricing and valuable cost-plus pricing options. Combined with our commission management program, cost-plus pricing maximizes CSA accruals, allowing clients to make the most of their commission dollars.

Where Cutting-Edge Solutions and High-Touch Service Deliver Better Performance.

  • Advanced Electronic Trading Platform Incorporates Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Bespoke Solutions for Hedge Funds, Pensions, Family Offices, Emerging Managers, Index Funds, Mutual Funds and Quantitative Funds
  • Accessible via all Leading OMS/EMS Providers and Proprietary FIX Connections
  • Expert Execution Consultants Provide Clients with Dedicated Support
  • Agency-Only, Fully Transparent Order Routing, with No Advertising or Internalization of Customer Orders


Electronic Trading LEADERSHIP

Managing Director, Head of Electronic Trading
Managing Director, Head of Customer Services
Managing Director, Head of DVP Sales