Through a hybrid trading model that utilizes seasoned traders and cutting-edge trading technology, BTIG executes American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) in 40+ markets worldwide. With 24-hour market coverage, we accurately trade ordinary shares in international markets and convert them into ADRs in U.S. dollars. For clients that reside outside the U.S., we also offer the ability to execute reverse ADR trades, where we trade ADRs in the U.S. and settle in your local currency.

Fluent in Markets Worldwide, we Offer Unique Opportunities that Fuel Your Success.

BTIG discreetly sources global liquidity using proprietary trading strategies that query across all accessible venues such as exchanges, ATSs, ECNs and MTFs. Often extending local trading hours, our ADR Conversion Trading capabilities are an attractive offering for clients that trade internationally.


  • Design strategies around client-specific objectives
  • Strategies selected for speed and ability to enhance the quality of executions
  • Focused on reducing market impact and providing utmost anonymity


  • A high-touch trading desk and advanced ADR algorithms that dynamically adjust for market conditions
  • Real-time foreign exchange trading engine
  • Implementation of sophisticated risk controls


  • Granular analysis of execution history
  • Reports that disclose each order slice, FX rate and other critical data points
  • Business model that prioritizes transparency at every step
  • 9,000+ International Securities
  • 40+ Global Market Centers Accessed
  • 24-Hour Market Coverage