BTIG’s Outsource Trading desk replicates the functions and utility of an in-house, professional global trading desk. As a leading provider of Outsource Trading services, we help investment managers execute trades and monitor their portfolios without the challenges associated with building and maintaining an in-house solution. Focusing on trade execution, we allow investment managers to do what they do best – identify new opportunities and manage current investments.

A Dynamic Team of Global Trading Professionals, Proprietary Trading Tools and Market Intelligence Prepared to Meet Your Objectives.

At BTIG, we select a team of dedicated traders best suited to meet each client’s needs. Our traders work directly with portfolio managers and chief operating officers to manage broker commissions and execute on their behalf. We can act as a client’s sole trading arm, supplement an in-house trading desk, handle overflow on heavy trading days, or provide coverage when in-house traders are not available. Based on the size and scope of our team and infrastructure, we can scale and customize each of our offerings as needed. Trades are executed on an agency basis ensuring the interests of the outsource desk are always aligned with those of clients.

In addition to execution services, BTIG can provide differentiated capital introduction, prime brokerage, electronic trading, research and commission management.

  • 25+ Specialized Outsource Traders
  • 7 Outsource Trading Desks - New York, San Francisco, Dallas, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney
  • 3,500+ Clients to Source Liquidity
  • 24-Hour Market Coverage
  • 30+ Operational Support Staff
  • 300+ Sell-Side Broker Network
  • Access to Equities, Portfolio and ETF, and FX Trading
  • No Proprietary Trading

Outsource Trading LEADERSHIP

Managing Director, Head of Outsource Trading
Managing Director, Head of New York Outsource Trading
Co-Head of BTIG Asia-Pacific, and Chief Executive Officer, BTIG Singapore Pte. Ltd., and Head of BTIG Asia-Pacific Client Relationship Management