BTIG is committed to being an inclusive employer.  We strive to foster a culture of equity and belonging – where all are welcome and differences are respected as well as valued.  Our people are our greatest asset.  Across BTIG’s global offices, we attract a multi-cultural workforce, hiring and retaining talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and mindsets. Team members are encouraged to contribute their ideas and unique perspectives, helping to make BTIG a well-rounded and compelling partner.

BTIG Business Resource Groups
BTIG’s Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are tasked with further strengthening BTIG’s inclusive culture through various initiatives and programs.  Led by employees who have volunteered their time, the BTIG Diversity & Inclusion Group and BTIG Women’s Group are open to all employees who are interested in participating.

We are also proud of our charitable endeavors including BTIG Commissions for Charity Day, which allows us to support hundreds of organizations, many focused on the needs of underserved communities and programs promoting diversity and inclusion.



A Strong and Supportive Culture.