ISE Solicited Order Mechanism

ISE Rule 716(e)(3) – Block Trades – Solicited Order Mechanism

CBOE Rule 6.74B.02 – Solicited Auction Mechanism

BTIG, LLC is required to notify customers, per International Securities Exchange (“ISE”) and Chicago Board Options Exchange (“CBOE”) rules of our intent to use the Solicited Order mechanisms that they have available for BTIG, LLC to cross customer options orders. Per those requirements, below is the information required to be provided to you by each exchange.

Solicitation of Orders

ISE Rule 716(e)(3) Notification:

When handling an order of 500 contracts or more on your behalf, BTIG, LLC may solicit other parties to execute against your order and may thereafter execute your order using the International Securities Exchange’s Solicited Order Mechanism. This functionality provides a single-price execution only, so that your entire order may receive a better price after being exposed to the Exchange’s participants, but will not receive partial price improvement. For further details on the operation of this Mechanism, please refer to International Securities Exchange Rule 716, which is available at under “membership, Rules & Fees – Regulatory – ISE Rules”.