BTIG Electronic Trading Launches New Innovative Algorithmic Technology

New York – January 5, 2023 – BTIG Electronic Trading announced today that it has launched two new nodes within its algorithm engine. Trinity, a signal-based system provides short-term and long-term alpha signals within an AI framework; and Edges, which are unique decentralized trading systems that leverage a low latency infrastructure to independently access the market.

“AI signal-based decision making combined with our decentralized control processing allows our system to be more responsive to market conditions and less coupled to schedules.  These technologies work together to increase passive fill rates, spread capture, and reduce implementation shortfall,” said Anthony Brown, Head of BTIG Electronic Trading. “The Edges are fed machine learning parameters generated intraday which trigger immediate, microsecond order adjustments based on slight changes in the market and/or the local quote, providing a significant tactical advantage over traditional systems,” Mr. Brown added.

These new capabilities are the culmination of an investment in research and engineering to expand BTIG’s low-touch business.  BTIG has published a white paper highlighting details of these innovations and the results achieved. “We are singularly focused on delivering best execution for our customers and will continue tuning the system as the market micro-structure changes,” said Mr. Brown.

BTIG’s Electronic Trading business provides clients with intelligent electronic trading tools and an unbiased approach to low-touch execution. The firm’s agency-only platform delivers access to liquidity, transparency and flexibility for clients located around the globe. BTIG combines advanced technology with high-touch service to deliver highly effective electronic trading solutions.


About BTIG

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