BTIG Electronic Trading Releases Pivot Algorithm

New YorkFebruary 19, 2019 BTIG announced today that its Electronic Trading unit TradeSaveTM has released Pivot, a proprietary liquidity-seeking algorithm and the latest addition to the firm’s suite of advanced algorithmic strategies.

Pivot utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to source liquidity. By anticipating market movement, it aims to improve spread capture and iVWAP performance while maintaining moderately aggressive volume participation levels. Designed to fade to a passive state when market improvement is expected, Pivot also increases participation and urgency when it detects movement away from the market. “Pivot’s real-time analytics seek to stabilize participation and control aggression which can be challenging for liquidity-seeking strategies,” said Anthony Brown, Managing Director and Co-Head of Electronic Trading – TradeSaveTM at BTIG. “The machine learning used within Pivot has also substantially changed the way we look at order performance. It is a key differentiator within our suite of algorithms and beneficial to our electronic trading clients.”

The detection and anticipation components of the algorithm were developed using a comprehensive and finely-tuned database of historical trade characteristics and their respective responses to the market. “Pivot thoughtfully blends AI with our powerful liquidity sourcing technology to harvest results,” noted Joe Tartoni, Managing Director and Co-Head of Electronic Trading – TradeSaveTM at BTIG. “Its ability to anticipate momentum or reversion, and adapt the tactical approach in response to real-time trading conditions offers clients a distinct advantage in complex and often volatile markets.”

TradeSaveTM is part of the firm’s comprehensive suite of high-touch and low-touch trade execution options. Combining advanced technology with premier customer service, BTIG’s TradeSaveTM division delivers highly-effective, state-of-the-art electronic trading solutions. Incorporating the latest in AI and machine learning, BTIG provides proprietary liquidity-seeking strategies, benchmark algorithms, alpha capture strategies, smart order routing, as well as direct market access to all major North American exchanges and ATSs.




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