BTIG MedTech, Digital Health, Life Science and Diagnostic Tools Conference

The BTIG MedTech, Digital Health, Life Science and Diagnostic Tools Conference took place on Tuesday, February 15th through Thursday, February 17, 2022. The event included company fireside chats and one-on-one meetings, where participants offered unique insights on their companies and the future growth of the healthcare industry.  The conference was hosted by:

  • Marie Thibault, BTIG Medical Technology and Digital Health Analyst
  • Ryan Zimmerman, BTIG Medical Technology Analyst
  • Sung Ji Nam, BTIG Life Science and Diagnostic Tools Analyst
  • Mark Massaro, BTIG Life Science and Diagnostic Tools Analyst
  • David Larsen, CFA, BTIG Healthcare IT and Digital Health Analyst

For more information about the conference, email [email protected]. To access BTIG insights, contact a firm representative or log in to

The conference was produced by BTIG’s Corporate Access program which hosts client events across the consumer, energy and infrastructure, financials, healthcare, real estate as well as technology, media, and telecommunications sectors.

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