All Stars Helping Kids

Sending Innovative Solutions that Help Break the Cycle of Poverty for Bay Area Youth


For more than 26 years, All Stars Helping Kids has used the simple formula of raising money and redistributing it to create opportunities in education, health and life skills for disadvantaged youth. Founder Ronnie Lott, NFL Hall of Famer, was astounded when he gathered his friends for a dinner to benefit several nonprofits that were fighting poverty in the South Bay area of San Francisco, California, and raised $100,000 in one night. Today, All Stars Helping Kids has since grown from a heartfelt effort into an organization that has provided over $10 million in support of more than 450 organizations across the U.S. Its core values and mission have remained the same over the years – integrity, risk-taking and teamwork still guide their work to break the cycle of poverty for youth in the Bay Area of San Francisco. To focus on one life at a time, they mentor and invest in small, startup nonprofits. All Stars Helping Kids has invested in many effective organizations over the years that have had a significant impact in the Bay Area community and across the U.S.



Over the past two decades, they have learned that breaking the cycle of poverty is tough, and requires new, creative and innovative organizations to fight the battle. In 2012, All Stars Helping Kids began specifically targeting new, start-up nonprofits. Participating organizations join All Stars Helping Kids for a three-year program of mentorship and investment to help accelerate and progress their respective missions. By focusing resources on new, smaller-scale efforts, they empower budding nonprofits to successfully hurdle the organizational and financial challenges that any startup faces. By investing in early-stage nonprofits they work to positively impact their communities, and they directly empower more people to make a difference at a grassroots level.


For the past nine years, All Stars Helping Kids has been a recipient of donations through its partnership with BTIG Charity Day. With BTIG’s support, All Stars Helping Kids has continued to promote a “culture of giving” by helping nonprofits meet the needs of children and create lasting change in their communities around the world. Donations from BTIG have helped fund the third year of their mentorship and investment program for grantees. The funding also continues to support the grantees in the second year program. Celebrity ambassador Ronnie Lott has also acted as celebrity guest trader on BTIG Charity Day fielding calls alongside the firm’s institutional traders in San Francisco year after year on behalf of All Stars Helping Kids.

“This is one of the great days each year when we are able to come together to work with BTIG in giving back to our youth! BTIG is a true champion!”

–Ronnie Lott, Founder & President, All Stars Helping Kids