Happy Hearts Fund

Rebuilding Safe, Resilient Schools in Areas Impacted by Natural Disasters


Happy Hearts Fund was created by Petra Němcová in response to the devastating impact of the Indian Ocean Tsunami that she personally experienced in 2004. Happy Hearts Fund rebuilds safe, resilient schools in areas impacted by natural disasters. During the gap period after emergency response to a natural disaster is complete and when children are most likely to be forgotten, the fund’s team gets to work. Through the building of new schools, the fund brings hope and empowerment to generations of children and entire communities. With lack of support after first responders leave a community, often children are left without safe schools for four to six years or more. This has a tremendously negative, debilitating and rippling impact on children, the community and future generations. By creating a sustained, stable response throughout a community’s restoration, the members of the community find a sense of hopefulness that is essential to their emotional wellbeing and economic recovery. Today, Happy Hearts Fund serves ten countries including Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Peru, Haiti, Chile, Philippines, Colombia and the United States. It has proudly built 162 schools that have served over 99,500 students.




For the last seven years, Happy Hearts Fund has been a recipient of donations through its partnership with BTIG Charity Day. With BTIG’s support, Happy Hearts Fund has invested additional funds into the rebuilding of schools in ten countries around the world. Over the years celebrity ambassadors Petra Nemcova, Hannah Davis Jeter and Alina Baikova have acted as celebrity guest traders on BTIG Charity Day fielding calls alongside the firm’s institutional traders on behalf of Happy Hearts Fund.



“We can’t tell you how much you’ve done for so many wonderful organizations. BTIG is truly a leader.”

— Ellie Manko Libby, Director of Development, Happy Hearts Fund