Moms Helping Moms

Helping Families Facing Financial Distress Meet Their Babies' Basic Needs


Moms Helping Moms Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization that provides low income families in New Jersey with the essential baby items that they need to give their children a safe, happy and healthy start. By providing access to essential baby supplies the foundation supports individuals and parents dealing with pregnancies and the first three years of parenthood. According to the Census Bureau, the poverty rate in the state of New Jersey is at a 52-year high, and is expected to get worse. 630,000 children in New Jersey live in a household defined as poor, in a country where one out of three children live in a family without securely employed parents. On average, families need an income of roughly twice the official poverty level to meet their basic needs, including housing, food, transportation, health and child care. Through a network of partnerships with local service organizations, Moms Helping Moms distributes donated baby supplies and essentials to families throughout New Jersey in need of assistance.




For the last three years, Moms Helping Moms has been a recipient of donations through its partnership with BTIG Charity Day. With BTIG’s support, Moms Helping Moms increased the funding for their distribution program, which partners with other community organizations, schools and local government to collect and distribute hundreds of thousands of diapers, clothing, formula, nursing supplies, and countless other baby essentials to hundreds of families throughout the state of New Jersey.


“We are so grateful to BTIG for their generosity. It is support like this that enables us to provide children from low income families with the essentials that they need for a happy and healthy start.”

–Bridget Cutler, President, Moms Helping Moms Foundation, Inc.